10 (excellent) Reasons To Use Shabbesmakeup Mineral Makeup Products

0 (excellent) reasons to use shabbesmakeup mineral makeup products

  1. A clean, natural, non-toxic chemical-free Makeup (between us, this is a good enough reason, isn’t it?)
  2. You might even sleep with it! It won’t block pores or dry out your skin!
  3. It contains natural sunscreen properties, so that you’ll wear the perfect makeup and be totally protected from the sunshine altogether!
  4. It contains vitamins and a blend of zinc to protect your skin. It helps relaxing the skin,  reduces acne and is efficient against all types of skin problems
  5. No tests on animals, doesn’t contain gluten and contributes to a better environment
  6. Because all products are suitable for everyday use. Contains natural antioxidants which protect your face skin during the day and you won’t even have to bother removing the mineral makeup at the end of the day.
  7. Because our products have a wonderful adherence to the skin. Our powdery makeup feels literally like a second skin. The bronzer and blushes naturally enhance the facial skin features with astonishing lights and shades of a perfectly natural, hysterical lightning!
  8. Since our pigments are so rare and unique each product comes in perfect, precise colors. With such a selection, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t fall in love with your favorites!
  9. All our products are insanely convenient to use! They all come with their applicators and integral brushes to lay them perfectly onto your skin. The product is provided in its most perfect way.
  10.  ….and for the cherry on the cake – all our products can be used on Shabbatot & Holidays! Absolutely! It is permissible to put on all Shabbesmakup wonderful products during Shabbath! Check it out how here on our website.

We could enumerate many more reasons.

But the most important reason is… because they just rule!

And who in her sane mind wouldn’t want that kind of stylish and natural makeup on her special-for-an-occasion makeup bag which she could wear daily if only she could?

Well, the truth is you can! So Move on to the next step and be among the firsts on this new fantastic trend in the world of makeup.

Shabbesmakeup: pure, clean mineral makeup to keep the facial skin healthy, magic…. always radiant.

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